I have been re-writing Unmasked with new scenes and a whole new ending.  I'm excited to share it with you and will be posting new chapters each week.

Cynthia Ashe works for Godmother Security. She is the best at what she does. Happy and content with her life, things are shaken up when she meets Sebastian Prince. One night at a masquerade ball, she lets her guard down with Sebastian. Things change when she finds out she has to protect him and hide her identity from him.

Sebastian Prince is a billionaire and playboy. He loves his life but someone wants him dead. When he meets a mystery woman at the masquerade ball, he fall instantly for her. He needs to stay safe but he has to find this mystery woman.

With bullets flying, and Cindy's deadly past catching up with them, she may have to spill all of her secrets in order to keep them both alive. Can she guard his life and guard her heart at the same time?


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