Name: Eric Pinkerton

Nickname: Pinky

Paranorm Status: Vampire

Age: Over 250 (Appears to be in early 20’s)

Occupation: Pub Owner

Family: 3 daughters: Fiona, Anya, River

Eric “Pinky” Pinkerton was twenty when he was turned into a vampire on in the  mid-1970’s.  He doesn’t talk about how it happened or the decades afterwards.

Pinky, with his eternal youth and vigor, always has a smile and flirty comment for anyone who comes through the door of Pinky’s Pub.

He was still quite young in vampire years when the Cataclysm hit. Even for Vampires, the Cataclysm and dark years after were hell.  During the early days of trying to survive his life was saved by an ancestor of Fiona’s.  They became great friends and even family.

Throughout the generations Pinky stayed close to them.  When Fiona’s mother died when Fiona was only 8 and she had no other family, Pinky took her in.  Later he took in Anya and River and raised them all as his own daughters.   Don’t let his sweet flamboyance fool you, he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything necessary to protect his family. No one survived the Cataclysm by being nice.



Strange Magic (Main –  Coming Soon)

Voodoo Moon (secondary) Now Available

Immortal Moon (secondary) Coming Soon

Shifting Moon (secondary) Coming Soon


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