‘American Housewife’ Broke My Heart

For weeks (months?) I’ve been awaiting the arrival of ‘American Housewife’ with all of the excitement of a giddy high school girl waiting for the prom.  A freshman girl going to the prom with the senior captain of the football … Continue reading →

Harlequin Blaze is Closing: Don’t Panic!

So, a few minutes ago I got a frantic message from an author.  “People are messaging me panicking.  They are saying Harlequin is closing three lines and not reverting rights to authors!  Can you find out what’s happening?”  I looked … Continue reading →

Win 1 of 4 Kindle Copies of Immortal Moon on Amazon

Hey guys!  I’m excited to announce this really awesome giveaway!  In honor of the cover reveal and pre-order availability of Changing Moon, I am giving away FOUR Kindle copies of Immortal Moon.  It’s super easy to enter.  Just click the … Continue reading →