COVETED (Godmother Security, #2)



Ruby Van Dyke’s life has never been better. Her company, Goody Basket, is thriving, her new cookbook just hit the best seller list, and her new cooking show is quickly becoming one of the most popular on TV. But there is something dark lurking in the shadows. When a stalker becomes more and more persistent, Ruby and her agent contact Faye at Godmother Security. But when Ruby sees who her new body guard is, she’s tempted to take her chances with the stalker.

When Jack Cutter is offered the assignment as Ruby Van Dyke’s body guard he doesn’t hesitate to take the job, even though he knows he is the last person Ruby wants near her body. Jack knows he can’t make up for the hurt he caused her all those years ago, but he can and will protect her now. Can prove to her he is a different man now?

Forced into close quarters, old feelings start to emerge. Ruby doesn’t believe for one second that Jack will stick around once the stalker is caught, yet she can’t seem to stop herself from indulging in the reckless wildness Jack has always brought out in her. Her body doesn’t need protecting from Jack, but what about her heart?

But the stalker is more dangerous than they could have imagined and they find themselves being hunted by a serial killer. Rekindling an old flame may be the last thing either of them ever do.